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The Chocolate House

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The Chocolate House

5 Chelton St.
Georgetown, ON    L7G 4X2

We specialize in unique handmade products that are appealing to look at and delicious to eat.

The business was started in 1992 originally as a gift basket business. One day while creating Valentine gift basket ideas we decided that it would be great to handcraft our own chocolate roses instead of buying them from a supplier. The roses were a success and we were so happy with results that we in turn offered them to a local gift basket business to sell in her wholesale facility. She immediately ordered 20 dozen and The Chocolate House was born!! From that point onward we have concentrated and developed a decadent line of old fashioned goodies and treats. We also enjoy working on specialty custom orders for any occasion and budget.

If you are looking for creative unique ideas in chocolate, then this is the place!